The Righteous Are Bold As a Lion

Reading Proverbs 28:1 today. In Hebrew: נָסוּ וְאֵין־רֹדֵף רָשָׁע וְצַדִּיקִים כִּכְפִיר יִבְטָח׃ . This is my favorite OT verse. It gives me comfort. God is not mentioned in it, but God is implied, because righteousness can’t be achieved except through accepting Jesus Christ’s gift of life, “so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him,” (2 Corinthians 5:21). Therefore if we are in Christ, we have boldness. Then we must live right, which means according to what the Bible says. If someone has a great idea, but it goes against what the Bible says, the idea is wrong, because the Bible is always right. If the Bible says something and obeying it makes me change something, then I must change, because the Bible is always right. The Bible is the collection of the written words of God through the centuries. It is necessary for our lives. At Matthew Henry wrote, regarding what Psalm 128 says on this issue, “those who are truly holy are truly happy.” If a Christian sins and mistreats the grace of God, he experiences anxiety and fear, and rightly so. He has lost his fellowship with God until he confesses his sin and repents. If that Christian repeatedly sins, asks forgiveness, sins, asks forgiveness, sins, asks forgiveness, and is fattening himself off the world and God’s grace at the same time, he does not understand his salvation and is hardly repentant. However, if he is doing his best as a Christian to repent from sin when he sins (confess, experience forgiveness, set up a standard so as to not repeat that sin), and his motive is sincerely not to sin, nor to experience the “benefits” of sin, then he feels the boldness of a lion. He is not looking over his shoulder, taking straw polls, or sheepish when it is time to obey God. Lions don’t scare easily, apologize for defending themselves, or ask “how loud?” before they release their roar.
The question is, are you wearing the label of Jesus Christ’s righteousness, and bold in your life? Or are you afraid of sin being exposed? Are you scared of being caught? Are you afraid one word to the wrong person will ruin your reputation? Or are you like Daniel, where he not only was without fault, but Daniel 6 tells us his enemies could not even find neglect in him?


One thought on “The Righteous Are Bold As a Lion

  1. judy frm menards July 1, 2012 / 3:48 pm

    Just found website after roaming thru UnitedMeth churches. Orthodox, & what/why others Stand!! Finally, typed The Stand church shorewood il. Praise God, there it was!
    Im thrilled to be reading all your teachings/sermons posted…how balanced, humble, mature in Jesus! Keep Looking Unto Him, not just at Him, like I did for yeats. It was a big difference for me. You are the apple of His eye. Our Lord God has you in the palm of His mighty & protective hand!
    Big blessings to you & yours, Nate. Hope to see you & your family at the picnic
    In Jesus, our author of salvation,
    Judy p.s. no computer rt now. Txting better ; )

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